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Chris Brown vs. Temper Trap vs. Rihanna & David Guetta by Kap Slap

Proof that Chris Brown and Rihanna can make beautiful music together even w/ the restraining order. 



It’s here! Full version of Foster the People vs. David Guetta vs. Martin Solveig by Kap Slap!


Permalink Artist: The MashMaticians Track: La Beautiful Chris Brown vs. Frederic Van Hooft vs. Karl Aberg)

Chris Brown vs. Frederic Van Hooft vs. Karl Aberg by The MashMaticians

Chill Sunday jam from The Mashmaticians’ latest: SMASHING.




Foster the People vs. David Guetta vs. Martin Solveig by Kap Slap


For now it’s just a preview but you better believe I’ll post the full version ASAP.

Happy Friday!


Permalink Artist: DJ Big Al Track: Cave Dwellers

Soulja Boy vs. Owl City vs. Three 6 Mafia vs. Mumford & Sons by DJ Big Al


STILL jammin’ this Big Al-bum (LOL get it?)

Not sure if I should proceed to apologize for that joke or the fact that I haven’t posted in FOREVS. Probably both. Sorry! Promise that I will post more once I get all settled into my school/work sched.



Permalink Artist: Titus Jones Track: 07 PokéStar

Rihanna vs. Pikachu/Pokemon Theme Song vs. P!nk vs. Lady Gaga vs. Shop Boyz by Titus Jones

Pikachu & Rihanna are a dream team.

Titus Jones has managed to capture both my current musical taste & my childhood without even using a Master Ball, and that’s something I think we can all admire. 


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Lil Wayne & Birdman vs. Florence & the Machine by DJ Whatt

Sounds like something right off of the incredibly creative and beautifully executed (500) Days of Weezy mashup mixtape. Indie instrumentals are shockingly complimentary to Weezy’s flow. I’m into it. 



Permalink Artist: Andy Peterman Track: Level Up

Kanye (N.A.S.A.) vs. Avicii vs. Train vs. Taio Cruz by Andy Peterman

I will always love Kanye’s verse on N.A.S.A.’s “Gifted,” and I love it even more against Avicii’s “Levels.” UGH what a great combination. Oh, there’s some Train and Taio Cruz in there too I guess. Party on.

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Permalink Artist: Me Track: Make Her Touch the Sky (Kanye West vs. Kid Cudi)

Kanye West vs. Lady Gaga. I kinda dig it! Make more!


Make Her Touch the Sky (Kanye West vs Kid Cudi/Lady Gaga?)-me

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Permalink Artist: Jump Juice Track: No Love

Skrillex Ludacris T.I. v Nicki Minaj v Drake the 80s by Jump Juice

Loving the intro so hard. Never heard of Jump Juice and can’t find anything about him so I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that this is his mashup debut. He’s definitely got some interesting combos on the album and a unique style that I think is worth checking out. Plus he’s got Childish Gambino on it (“All Falls Up”,) which is automatically a +1. (Is anyone else on Google+? Kinda lonely there!) 

[download the album]